Covid Info

Updated October 2021

As a covid-safe business we have several measures in place to protect both our team as well as our clients. Mask-wearing will remain mandatory until at least 3rd January 2022. Should you be unable/unwilling to wear a mask or if you are sick or self-isolating and you need help for your pet, please ring us to discuss the telemedicine (video or phone) or contactless consultation options available.

Counter sales will take place through our main reception window (beside the front stairs) to allow those waiting for appointments the priority of space in the waiting room. At times we may utilise outdoor/contactless consulting if there are high levels of community transmission &/or staff members have need for extra precaution due to the health of themselves or immediate family members.

Any members of the public unwilling to comply with the rules in place will have provision of veterinary services immediately and permanently withdrawn.